Your partners in Digital Transformation

BP Cube & Neosperience Lab, act as Technology Partners for digital transformation through an innovative approach with the aim of increasing and maximising the potential of your Corporate, without creating any risk to your core business.

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Through a careful blend of skills, technologies and experienced innovation professionals we shape solutions for the development of a digital transformation strategy tailored to your company.

1. Range Analysis

We frame the company’s business and its specific needs in order to get an objective picture of the current state and the real definition of needs.

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2. Definition of strategy and actions

We design a strategy and define all specific actions and interventions to achieve the identified objectives.


3. Output Analysis

We prepare a final document with all the strategic and operational indications necessary to achieve the objectives identified in the analysis and design phases.


4. Corporate Startup

We accompany you in the digital transformation of your company, maximising its full potential, in one of the following scenarios:

  • Led by our consultants
  • Through the creation of an internal start-up company
  • By outsourcing the startup company to a spin-off dedicated to the digital development of your company

We increase your potential

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