Introduction to crowdfunding

In today's startup scenarios besides incubators such as BP Cube, coworking for those who need work spaces, angel investors who directly fund a startup, crowdfunding looks like risk capital collection across the Net. Crowdfunding is in fact a stand-alone research for funds and any lender partners using a personal designed digital platform. It is an alternative financing solution that allows small funds to be raised through the web by turning to a potentially unlimited audience by providing "reward" mechanisms and, in the specific case of equity, crowdfunding, shares or profits of the company. The start-up’s task is therefore to capture the attention of small investors as well as larger ones.

Operation of a crowdfunding platform

The portals of crowdfunding introduces to investors the selected startups, through informative cards and multimedia tools. The main objective of these portals is to guarantee the meeting among startupper candidates, their ideas and the investors, which can decide to invest in a startup with the maximum transparency and informative clarity.


What changes for startups after the consob rule


On the 12th of July 2013, the Consob has published the rule in subject of "Collection of Venture Capitals from innovative enterprises Startup through online portals”(equity crowdfunding). Italy is the first European Country to adopt rules that allow the innovative startups to retrieve capitals through the Net support, that opens to a vaster field of investors. According to this rule there are two possible economic returns admitted:

  • company’ s shares, when the investor takes over a part of the new company or he holds the rights of a project;
  • the profit coming from a share of revenues or of the profits produced by the startup.


On the other side, who manages portals of crowdfunding must satisfy some particular requisites such as reliability and quality of the service, as required by the Consob, that foresees the registration to a register. Besides, the banks and the investment firms (SIM) can collect funds and share capital, but they are already authorised to the performance of investment advisory services.


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