Fiscal Incentives for the innovative startups until 99.000 Euro pro year.

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The system of fiscal incentives for innovative startups gets to the heart of, because the green light of the European Union, notified last week with a letter of the Commissary to the Competition Joaquín Almunia, it decontrols of fact the impasse. Once overcome the technical times, signatures of the competent ministers and recording to the Court of Audit, the norms should be finally operational.

Innovative Startup: reached quota 1.400 waiting for the fiscal incentives.

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From 21st January 2013 to 3rd December 2013: 316 days to build a first platoon of innovative startups. The Bclever srl of Vittorio Veneto (Treviso) has been the pioneer, followed by young firms on the whole territory, although with a prevalence to the North. The budget of InfoCamere, updated to 3rd December 2013, points out 1.394 societes enrolled to the new register that it has been set by the decree growth 2.0 launched by the Government Monti in October 2012.

BP Cube on “MarcheMagazine”

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Great satisfaction for BP Cube to have been select to tell its own experience of Incubator by the magazine “MarcheMagazine”.

In the exit of September / October 2013 is it possible to read the interview to Alessandro Paolini and Enrico Battistelli that they explain as an incubator it works and how much success have already the young people of the Team BP Cube have already received.

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