Innovative Startup: reached quota 1.400 waiting for the fiscal incentives.

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From 21st January 2013 to 3rd December 2013: 316 days to build a first platoon of innovative startups. The Bclever srl of Vittorio Veneto (Treviso) has been the pioneer, followed by young firms on the whole territory, although with a prevalence to the North. The budget of InfoCamere, updated to 3rd December 2013, points out 1.394 societes enrolled to the new register that it has been set by the decree growth 2.0 launched by the Government Monti in October 2012.

The data refer to societies are enrolled in the special section startup of the register of the enterprises and they points out a certain vivacity of ideas : last June it was quota 830, halfway through the October over 1200.

Societies created after “growth decree encore” .

It is correct however to try an analysis more detailed of the data furnished by the chambers of commerce. Of the 1.394 censussed societies, 636 societies resulted already working before the date of applicability of “the growth decree 2.0” (19 October 2012). Societies that were already operative but that they have gathered new opportunities, above all on the front of the simplifications. Only the remainders 758 societies have really inaugurated the business after 19th October 2012; by consequence, they have to the licence of startup to 360 degrees.

The distribution on the territory privileges the great regions and squares beginning from Milan and Rome. Particularly, the Lombardy counts 283 enterprises enrolled in the special register,Emilia-Romagna 151, Lazio 151, Veneto 121, Piemonte 115. More disconnected the southern regions, with the 65 startups of Campania, the 60 of Puglia, the 37 of Sicily and Sardinia and only 14 of Calabria. The large majority has a production value included in the band 0-1 million of European and it has less than 4 employees.

Lack of Incentives.
“The Growth Decree 2.0”, contains different facilitations for the startups, but it is lacking in fiscal incentives, for people or societies that they intend to invest in an innovative startup. The benefit, when the green light of the “ Dg Competition of the European Commission of the European Union” will finally arrive, it will consist in the deduction from the gross tax on the income of the physical people for the 19% of the amount invested in the social capital of one or more startups, share that passes to 20% if is a society in which to invest. The technicians of the government wait for, but they think to be able to already decontrol the dossier to days, or however within the year.

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