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Dictionary of the startupper

A brief vademecum to remain not disorientated and to know better the world of the STARTUP.


Unlike the incubator, that it supports the startup in the phase of primordial growth, an accelerator supports the startup in its passage from startup to ripe enterprise. An accelerator can ask a share of the company in exchange for small financial backings and mentorship. Usually the programs of acceleration last more than those of incubation.


Break even Point
It’s business turnover that it guarantees the coverage of fixed and variable costs and that the deficit is estinguished.


Business Model.
It’s the model with which the startup works and that it allows her to produce value in the time. It consists in the explanation of the mechanism with which the startup make to interact the following elements: Key Partner, Key Activity, Key-Resources, Value Proposition, Business Relations with the clients, market Channels, Clients' Segments, costs Structure and proceeds Flow. Abitually, it is represented by the Business Model Canvas.

Business Plan.
It contains the description of the entrepreneurial idea (Business Model), a market research and the resources, the objectives of the firm and also the suitable measures and the key-passages (Milestones) of the business progress. These information are included in a global financial plan. Investors, banks and other Partners ask for these financial plans.

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